Why We Prayerfully Do What We Do

The importance of prayer can never be minimized, taken for granted, or neglect the importance of spending time in prayer. Be it seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit, intercession from a saint, or an expression of thanksgiving. It all starts with the power of prayer. Our goal at Lift Up My Parish is to provide a tool designed to help those who desire to grow their prayer life.

Deacon Ken Gay

Deacon Ken Gay


As a servant called by God part of my mission is to help others enhance their relationship with the Trinity and share with others the joy found only through that relationship. Welcome to Lift Up My Parish.

The Team Theme

As disciples of Christ first, and a deacon second, I strongly believe in the power of prayer. I believe that we must ask God for all our needs.

Like the friend found in the Gospel of Luke who knocked until he received the bread that he needed. You and I must persist in our prayers to our heavenly Father for what we need until we receive an answer. Knowing whatever the answer might be, we must also be comfortable knowing that it’s God’s will.

One of our team goals is to provide that reminder to be persistent. Be it a nine-hour, or a nine-day novena, be it just to build the habit of remembering your guardian angle our team is focused on helping our prayer partners grow in holiness.

Our current team of four will hopefully be growing over the next months. As for now, we have; a CFO, a social media director, a webmaster, and me the COO.

May you and all of us pray that God gives us the grace and strength to live each moment trusting in Him. So that we may all grow in faith and love of our Heavenly Father.