Bringing You Closer To Christ
One Prayer At A Time

Bringing You Closer To Christ One Prayer At A Time

Bringing You Closer To Christ
One Prayer At A Time

Bringing You Closer To Christ One Prayer At A Time

Bringing You Closer To Christ
One Prayer At A Time

Bringing You Closer To Christ One Prayer At A Time


A robust and continually growing library of Catholic prayers. From Marian prayers to Novenas, all at your fingertips. Find the right prayer for the given moment.


Select the prayers you want to pray. Set the time of day you want to say them and a gentle reminder will sound. All you need to do is tap the icon and the app will open to that prayer.


Users can create a personal library of their favorite prayers, novenas, or other devotions. Creating this personal collection allows you to have easy access to your most favorite prayers.

Lift Up Your Parish and together we can grow a coast to coast prayer community!

We are building a strong and vibrant community of prayerful parishes from coast to coast. Made up of parishes and parishioners focused on building a prayer life that will help all of us glorify God, grow closer to Jesus, and more clearly hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.

We’re prayerfully asking you to join our community, help us build a strong and devote nationwide prayer group made up of 500,000 disciples of Christ.

We need your help and support…

I’m Deacon Ken Gay ordained a permanent deacon in 2016 in the Rockford Diocese.

I was led to create this prayer app with the goal of bringing those who use it closer to Christ one prayer at a time.

I’m reaching out asking you to consider being one of the early users of our new prayer app.

For $250.00 this app can be available to your entire parish!

Additionally, your parish will receive the benefits of all of our upgrades at no additional cost! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, or simply subscribe and I will contact you!

Thank you for your consideration, may the peace of Christ be with you!

Deacon Ken Gay

Our Mission

To build up the Kingdom of God one prayer at a time, by building community through prayer.

Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.

  • Pray

    Prayer is like bringing baskets to the Lord and trusting that, as He did at the miracle of the loaves and fishes, He will fill them. By coming to prayer to let the Lord fill our baskets, we gain both a personal strength in our relationship with Christ and a peaceful direction about our place in the world.

  • Connect

    When our own baskets are full, we form connections with others and start to fill their baskets with the unending food the Lord has given us. Whether through small groups, intimate friendships, or ministry, connection is vital for bringing the gifts of the Lord to others!

  • Grow

    With our full baskets that never empty, we head out into the world with our friends, spreading the gifts and joy of the Lord, sharing the bountiful food that He wishes to bring to the world. He has given us drink which will never again cause thirst, and food which fully satiates!

The Parish App is simple to use

Once you’ve subscribed, your parish will be given a unique five-digit code. Parishioners can then go to either Google or Apple to download the “Lift Up My Heart” app. Once they have downloaded the app, they can log in with the parish code and they will be ready to use the app. It truly is that simple.

  • Step One: Download the Lift Up My Heart app
  • Step Two: Enter your parish’s five-digit code
  • Step Three: Choose your prayers, set reminders, and PRAY!